The Motivation of Music


Music has always demonstrated its effectiveness to motivate.


For example, music has and continues to have a prominent place in motivating armed forces to engage in warfare and keep inspired. The early day cavalry charges strategically used the bugle to signal an attack or retreat with its pitched notes played through a blaring instrument.


Even the early day Roman galle      Music and Fitnessy ships incorporated the rhythmic beat of a drum. This beat helped the rowers to pull on the oars at the same time to enhance the speed of the ship as well as bringing a sense of power to the fleet due to the heavy and hypnotic sounds of the drum.


Today the motivation of music is seen in social circles. Some of those social circles could include concerts and nightclubs. A perfectly composed musical score can bring tears to the listener’s ears or a highly syncopated beat can drive a crowd of young people into a dancing frenzy.


Another venue for the power of music to be displayed is the area of exercising. With the advent of portable music players and exercise regimens that incorporate music, exercising has become less about drudgery and more about a dynamic activity eagerly anticipated.




Running While Listing To MusicIn order for any exercise regimen to be effective, it is important to exercise regularly.  Often, when it comes to exercise, this is easier said than done. Therefore, motivation is a key factor in meeting and improving one’s fitness goals. Often, music, and not just any music, is the motivational factor that many well-meaning individuals need.


Consequently, as with any journey, the first step is critical in beginning that journey.  Music can be that key factor that gets an individual on their journey by initiating that first step. This is because music can be motivational due to the pulsating beat that it brings and the way the human brain is wired. Specifically, recent studies show that tempo is a critical component of stimulating our brain activity due to the fact that the human brain naturally responds to a rhythmic beat.


Accordingly, it stands to reason that once the music stimulates the brain to begin the exercise workout and the body follows, then the continual listening of music will continually motivate the body to finish the exercise regimen.  Of course, this exercise regimen could be anywhere from Pilates to weightlifting to running to power walking.




Once the music begins to play and the rhythm stimulates the brain and body to activity, it is important to note that the beat and the associated tempo have a dynamic effect on the exercise pattern.


Music MotivationSpecifically, studies have shown that when the tempo is more aggressive in the music that is being played, there is a direct correlation with the aggressiveness of the exercise routine.  Exercise studies as it relates to music and tempo, show that if a power walker listens to music that has 137 to 139 beats per minute (BPM) then there is a direct correspondence to the heart rate because of the aggressiveness of the exercise.  This is because the tendency of the brain and subsequently the body moves in concert as it relates to the beats per minute being played or the music that is being listened to.


Furthermore, the more aggressive the music is, as it relates to beats per minute, the greater the cardiovascular workout becomes.  This is shown as studies reveal that runners, in order to have an aggressive cardiovascular workout, should run to music that has approximately 147 to 169 BPMs and cyclists should listen to music that has 135 to 170 BPMs.  This correlation of beats per minute to desired workout has shown to be an effective measure in attaining the desired level for a workout.


BPI Sports 1MRStacking a pre-workout supplement with music


Pre-workout supplements are very well known for their natural abilities to motivate, increase strength, endurance and explosive energy within a person. Knowing that listen to music that gets you in the right mood to lift weight and exercise can actually have a positive effect, what happen when we stack that with a pre-workout supplement such as BPI Sports 1MR? Well lets first cover what 1MR is.


What is 1MR and what are the benefits?


1MR by BPI Sports combines a range of natural and safe ingredients designed to increase your bodies capacity to lift more weights for longer. 1MR is actually an acronym for “One More Rep”, and has ingredients such as creatine to boost explosive strength, Arginine Alphaketogluterate (AAKG) and beta alanine  to increase endurance and caffeine, yerb mate and taurine to increase mental focus and motivation.


BPI Sports 1MR studies


1MR Supplement and Fitness1MR has been studied extensively by the company BPI Sports in order to provide a synergy blend of ingredients design to boost athletic performance, increase in strength and lean mass. Not only has 1MR been studied thoroughly, but it’s ingredients have been studied even further by scientist for longer than a decade, their benefits and side effects have been documented along with safe dosages to benefit ratios. BPI Sports has taken all of this information and has created a new pre-workout product called 1MR. 1MR is a safe and effective pre-workout supplement to increase your results from your workouts. A more in-depth look at 1MR by BPI Sports ingredients can be found here.


Stacking 1MR with music


Knowing now that 1MR has proven benefits in increasing performance, stacking that with a great song or beat can absolutely help increase your body’s output of energy, keeping you in the mood to exercise and ultimate improve your gains and a step closer to your fitness goals. Whatever beat that you jam to, it’s definitely worth a try at stacking with 1MR to reap the added benefits of increase strength, endurance and mental focusing.


Overall Outcome of Listing to Music While Working Out


Music and 1MR IngrediantsConsequently, as per doctor’s recommendations, it is important to have a strong cardiovascular workout. This ensures that the strengthening of the cardiovascular system is accomplished by raising the heart beat and breathing rate to a certain level.


Another positive outcome for the exerciser to utilize motivational music is that their exercise routine will become more pleasurable. This is due to the fact that music is pleasant to listen to and once the individual begins their engagement with the music they think less about the discomfort associated with exercising.


Subsequently, a pleasurable experience is one that is more likely to be repeated rather than avoided. This will have a great impact on the individual meeting and improving their fitness goals.


Therefore, listening to music will help the individual exerciser reach their cardiovascular goals through motivation and syncopation of the beat of the music to the intensity of the workout. Stacking 1MR By BPI Sports can also help increase this level further.


Of course, it is important to understand that before any exercise routine is entered into and before starting any supplementation has begun(1MR),  a doctor’s recommendation is received.  This is due to the fact in order to reach levels of an intense cardiovascular workout there needs to be a working up to that level of intensity. Accordingly, then, a doctor should examine the individual to ensure that they don’t overdo their exercise routine and stay within the confines of where they are at physically at that point in time.


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